Answered: <SG4> Clarification

The rule states “Drivers and coaches may handle their own Robot while the Robot is in contact with their own Alliance Starting Tile (i.e. the tile the Robot started the match on), and not touching the Bump…”

If my robot touches the starting tile and I grab it to reposition it and part of the robot (that extended off from 18" x 18" x 18" after the match started) touches the bump, is it still legal for me to touch my robot?
At one tournament, the ref said that we have to take our hands off of the robot immediately.
At another tournament, the ref said that we are still allowed to touch the robot if it started touching the bump while repositioning it.

Which ruling was correct?

<SG4> does not allow for Robots to touch the Bump during any part of legal repositioning. If this happens, you should rectify the situation immediately.