Answered: <SG4> Handling Cube After Legal Introduction

After the Driver Control cube has been legally introduced into the field, is it legal for the introducer to continue contact with the cube to adjust it properly for the team’s robot to load the cube (as long as the criteria in the rule are still met and the cube is still in contact with the starting tile), or must the introducer withdraw his or her hands from the field immediately after the introduction?

To help see what I’m talking about, here’s an example: A team legally introduces the cube. However, the cube flops over immediately afterwards and is in an orientation where the robot cannot easily intake the cube without wasting too much precious time and effort. The introducer, as long as the cube is still in the starting tile and the criteria in <SG4> are still met, contacts it to readjust it to its proper orientation.

This is not legal.

Yes, they must.

This is not legal. Once the Cube has been introduced, it may not be touched by a Drive Team Member.