Answered: <SG4> Human Interaction (again...)

My question pertains to the interaction that occurs when a robot “launches”, “dumps”, or “ejects” objects. Is it legal to be holding your robot when your robot ejects a scoring object from it’s system?

A common situation of where you would see this happening is here ( 323X is holding 3 buckyballs, we (323Z) drive back to the tile and wait for 323X to eject the objects into our intake. Is it legal for 323X to be holding their robot while the robot ejects scoring objects? The robot ejects the objects once a button is pressed.

At our State Tournament the refs said that if we hold our robot and our robot launches a ball, that is not legal. Were the refs correct? If they are correct, can you point out which part of <SG4> (or another rule) disallows that type of interaction?

Thanks Karthik.

Holding the robot is legal, however moving/tilting the Robot to aid in the launching/expelling of a Scoring Object is not permitted as per <SG4>.

Understood, and thank you!

You’re welcome!

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