Answered: SG4 placing a cube, examples in game manual

In this thread it seems to be indicated that for a cube to be legally entered directly to a starting tile it only needs to be touching the starting tile, and that it CAN be touching grey tiles.

This is how I interpreted the linked Q&A thread…

On page 14 of the Starstruck Game Manual is shows examples of legally and illegally loaded driver control loads. The top right example is labeled illegal, and it appears to show a driver control load that has been loaded touching the starting tile.

  1. The cube must be touching the starting tile and may not be touching any grey tiles. Is this TRUE?
    is the top right example labeled incorrectly?
    is there something else being depicted in that top right example that makes it an illegal load?

This is the correct interpretation of the rules as written.

Yes, it is. That Driver Control should be labelled as legal. We’ll get this caption fixed shortly.