Answered: <SG4> Questions

I have some questions about this rule:

  1. If the robot is touching its alliance starting tile, and not the grey tiles, is it legal to reorient the robot into a position where it is touching both the alliance tile and the grey tiles, like in the picture? I know that <SG4.iii> says that before the robot attempts to score or interact with game objects, it must be fully within the starting tile. However, I am asking whether it would be legal to reposition it like in the picture and have it stay there (not moving again, and not attempting to score afterward).

  2. If the robot is touching the grey tile and the alliance starting tile, and I pull it fully onto the alliance starting tile as per <SG4.ii>, can I then reorient it as per <SG4.i>, or must I leave it alone after that?

No, the robot must be left in a legal starting position as per <SG4i>, i.e. It must be touching the Alliance Starting Tile and not touching a gray foam tile.

Yes, you may reorient the robot as per <SG4i>

Okay, thanks for clearing that up!

You’re welcome!