Answered: <SG4> Re-positioning in Programming Skills

At our first competition we attempted a programming skills run. The robot was touching the grey tiles, and a red tile. I brought the robot back enough so I could re-position it. I picked the robot up and set it fully on the tile at the desired angle. I then pushed a button and it went onto the next step. They did not count our 45 points Programming Skills because we picked up our robot to re-position it. Is this not legal?

We have **repeatedly **asked you to thoroughly read the VEX Toss Up Game Manual and to please review the Q&A Usage Guidelines before posting in this forum.

The answer to your question is quite clearly in the rule you have quoted. We will not be addressing any more of your questions until you follow the guidelines.](

I do not believe that the rule <SG4> states whether or not we can manually lift the robot off the ground to re position.

Am I allowed to basically juggle my robot around during autonomous or programming skills as long as I obey all the specific <SG4> clauses, and before the time is up, have the robot in a legal starting position (on the tile, not touching the bump, and not touching the grey tiles)? I am asking this because our 42 point programming skills run we completed at Jay County was not counted as valid because we picked the robot up off the tile and changed it’s position (but was still in a legal starting position). Maybe you need to add a specific clause in the game manual specifying that it is, or is not a legal re-positioning maneuver.

I am not trying to be annoying, I just want to know because I am sure it will come up again at competitions and I would like to have your specific ruling on this subject.

Thank you Karthik.

Yes, this falls under the category of “handling” the robot. Please note, we do not specify every potential type of “handling” nor do we intend to.