Answered: SG5 Clarification

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According to rule SG5, “Robots may not intentionally or accidentally, indirectly or directly, remove Cones from an opponent’s Stack. a. A Robot that accidentally knocks over an opponent’s Goal, causing Cones to be removed, would be in violation of this rule. Teams should exercise extreme caution when interacting with or around opponent Goals.”
Suppose a robot on the red alliance parks in the blue alliance’s 5 point zone and deploys a braking mechanism in a clearly defensive strategy. Blue, in a clearly offensive attempt to score in the 10 point zone, rams into the blue robot at full speed. During this collision, some cones falls off of the blue stack, and this descore is match effecting. The defensive red robot does not enter the blue alliance’s 10 point zone or actively ram into the blue robot. Given that the blue ramming was committed against a stationary red robot, the stationary red robot was behaving defensively while the blue robot was behaving offensively, and this upset was match effecting, does this scenario result in an infraction on red?
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The following Q&A post (found in the Q&A Summary document) appears to ask a similar question:

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