Answered: SG5, SG6, and Stacked Note 2 Question

Just to provide more information, since it says in Note 2 “a robot” which implies any robot in the field, as well as “a goal” which implies any goal on the field. Would it be considered true to touch the stacked cones on any opposing mobile or fixed goal, which by the definitions the cone and the cones above won’t be scored? You aren’t removing any cones as from SG5, as well as you aren’t grasping or grappling to any field elements. The definition of Stacked includes being stacked if it’s not touching the robot of the same color, but it doesn’t include/disclude the opposing robot, where Note 2 comes up where “a robot” implies any for touching any mobile goal. Would this be considered a strategy accepted? Am I misinterpreting this?

Thank you for quoting the relevant portions of the manual with your question. In this case, the main definition of “Stacked” would take precedence; that is, Note 2 is referring to a Robot of the same color as the Goal upon which the Stack is placed. Therefore, a Robot that contacts a stack on an opposing Goal is not causing it to become “not Stacked”.

In short, there is no violation, but there is also no loss of scored Cones. Of course, as you touched on, we would always urge teams to remember that any contact with an opposing stack also poses a potential risk of violating <SG5>.