Answered: SG6 - Feeding Balls into Intakes

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Answered: SG6; not breaking plane vs not imparting energy into game element

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First off, I will say that the referees at our tournament this past weekend were exceptional. I know that they are looking out for the best interest of the tournament and to hold all of the teams to the same standards.

That being said, I have to ask some specifics about rule SG6. My team has a belt intake that feeds from the floor and the robot can shoot from the starting tile (a similar design to the famed 8059A). During tournament rounds, the ref warned the team because they were feeding the ball into the intake which he considered to be illegally introducing objects to the field. “By pressing the ball into the base of the intake they were imparting energy.” The suggested solution from the ref was to set the ball on the field next to the belt and have the robot back over the ball to draw it into the intake. He also mentioned that it was acceptable if the ball was gravity fed but that it couldn’t be manually fed into the intake.

I would argue that they were gently placing the ball at the base of the intake so it could draw the ball in. I am also considering the numerous videos that show teams feeding balls into low intakes.

Your thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

What you have described appears to be legal. Teams are allowed to feed Balls directly into intakes.