Answered: SG6 - removing scored cubes and match affecting

Please see the following video -

At the 2:15 mark, the red robot descores a cube from the low goal and is not penalized.

The rule of course states that "minor violations of this rule that do not affect the match will result in a warning. Egregious offenses will result in a Disqualification.

As is evident in the scoring of this match, the descoring of a single cube would not affect the outcome of the match, especially since it occurred near the end of the match.

I have seen robots attempt to descore a “partially above the top” cube, bump it into a scored position and then remove the cube. I would consider that a minor violation. It is clear the the actions of the red robot in this example is egregious, purposeful, and intentional.

Is this a violation of SG6 and should the team be DQ’d or would this be a warning violation?

If the SG6 violation took place in the first minute of the match would it have resulted in a DQ (as each team would need to modify the onfield strategy during the match to adjust to the descored object)?

You’re video link doesn’t appear to be working. However from what you’ve described, this would be a violation of <SG6>, with just a warning.

It’s impossible to make this ruling without seeing the entirety of the hypothetical match.

Sorry, here is another attempt at the link. Don’t know why it didn’t work before.

I realize that it is difficult to make a blanket judgement but entire matches are affected every time a rule is broken. If a cube is legally scored on a low post and an opposing robot removes it, the affected team will need to revise their strategy on the fly to deal with the resultant change. It is not as simple as seeing if the match would be affected at the end because the coach and the entire team will need to adjust.

I would also argue that SPs are affected as demonstrated in this video. This of course does not affect the match but it can have an affect on the entire tournament as the 3 points descored do impact all four participants of the match during alliance selection!

We are enjoying the game - nice job on the game design. We look forward to future robot development over the next couple of months.

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