Answered: <SG6> Tipping ladder


With all the recent questions about tipping the ladder, I have a scenario which I am curious about.

<SG6> Intentionally tipping the ladder is illegal and will result in the disqualification of the offending robot.

If a robot had lifted the ladder (from the side without rungs, let’s say) and was holding it up on an angle and then another robot started to hang on the other side of the ladder, which caused the ladder to tip, which robot would be at fault? Would they both be at fault? Or would the hanging robot be at fault because it was the last to cause a change to the ladder’s center of gravity?

Also, what about these other scenarios:

  • ladder lifting and hanging are occurring at the same time.
  • ladder lifting occurs after hanging, but due to the added hanging robot, it tips.

One could argue that neither of these actions are intentionally to tip the ladder, and so neither would be at fault. Or that the ladder lifting robot was intentionally tilting the ladder (which entails the risk of tipping), and so any subsequent tipping would be at their fault.

Thanks a lot!

The robot which initiates the tipping would be responsible if the ladder tips over. Any team which attempts to life the ladder would be responsible for any outcomes which result.