Answered: SG6 violation caused by opposing robot

Hi Karthik

Thank you for clarifying here that the Red Robot is not in violation of SG7.

Can you provide further clarification please?

The Blue Robot is in violation of SG6 because its arm is touching the foam tiles in its own zone.

If this violation has been caused by the Red Robot placing scoring objects onto the arm of the Blue Robot, causing it to touch the foam tiles in its own zone, should any penalty be applied to the Blue Robot?


If the Blue Robot quickly rectifies the situation, they would only be issued a warning as <SG6>. If the Blue Robot continues to touch the tiles and it ends up affecting the outcome of the Match, then they could be issued a DQ as <SG6>. By extending a cage to the other side of the Fence, the Blue Robot is engaging in a risk that could lead to an <SG6> violation.