Answered: SG6 vs SG7 scenario

Hi Karthik.

This is a hypothetical scenario for your consideration please:
The Blue robot has a fold out cage that extends under the fence and is used to defend scored objects which are touching the foam tiles in its zone. The cage is not touching the foam tiles in the Blue robot’s zone.
The Red robot intentionally places scoring objects on top of the Blue robot cage in the act of scoring these objects. The weight of these scored objects being supported by the cage, causes the cage to touch the foam tiles.

At this point the Red robot could be ruled to be in violation of <SG7>

Or the Blue robot could be ruled to be in violation of <SG6> with the argument that the Red robot is simply in the act of scoring points.

My question is, which rule should be given priority in this hypothetical scenario?


This type of snapshot of a hypothetical scenario is a difficult one to issue a blanket ruling on, without the benefit of seeing the entire match. However, it sounds like this would be a case of the Red Robot trying to play the game and accidentally causing the Blue Robot to violate <SG6>. This does not appear to be an intentional strategy to cause an opponent to violate a rule, thus would not be a violation of <SG7>.