Answered: <SG6a> Clarification After August Update

In the above Q&A you stated that you did not want walls extending onto the other side of the field, and in the thread below it you proposed that such a wall would trap an opponent. In previous years, trapping was defined as giving an opponent less than 1 foam tile of room to maneuver, however there is no definition for trapping this year (or pinning or grabbing for that matter).

Does the previous definition of trapping still apply? If so, it should be straightforward enough to create a wallbot that shoots onto the other side of the field that does not violate the rule. Before the update, I assumed it would be illegal because it would “restrict movement” in that it would restrict access to the other side of the field. However, with the update restriction of movement seems to be limited to pinning, trapping, and grabbing, is this correct?

Also in the Q&A, you stated that a cage or arm that went over objects on the other side of the field would be legal. Is there a functional difference between a cage and a wall, so long as the wall does not restrict the opponent to less than 1 foam tile of space?

To summarize:
Do definitions of pinning, grabbing, and trapping carry over from previous seasons?
Is “restriction of movement” limited to pinning, grabbing, and trapping?
Is there a difference between how a wall and a cage would be treated, provided neither violates the above conditions?
Thank you.

For the most part, yes. However for trapping, there is specifically no distance requirement listed. If a Robot is trapped (i.e. boxed off into a confined space) by an opposing Robot who has crossed the Fence, this would be illegal.

No, but these are the three most encompassing examples.

No, these would be treated the same way.