Answered: Sg6a Trapping=Touching the Field Perimeter?

Hi Karthik,
Perhaps it’s just me, but I feel like your answer to Owen’s post just now ( doesn’t clear up the confusion surrounding the difference between blocking off a small section of a field with a wall vs a cage (the first being illegal and the latter legal).

Since the size of the area blocked off doesn’t seem to matter, is the difference between these two situations that makes one illegal and the other legal the fact that a wall extends to the perimeter and a cage doesn’t?

You said that the cage provides an avenue of escape, but I don’t see the difference between escaping from the 17 out of 18 tiles that you are trapped in by a wall vs the 17 tiles you are left with by a cage.

*EDIT: Fixed the number of tiles.
I’m referring to the same cage referred to and quoted in Owen’s q&a which I linked to. Specifically it is this cage.

It is a cage around stars that you are scoring across the fence that prevents your opponent’s from getting to the stars.*

I think we’re having a bit of a miscommunication here. What is your exact question regarding a cage? Links to previous Q&A’s will be helpful. Thanks.