Answered: <SG7> "Match Affecting" Clarification

I quote rule <SG7>:

What is the definition of “Match Affecting” here? Do you mean that that the offense affects the final score or that it affects the final outcome (ie win/lose)?

In a theoretical situation, a robot pushes our robot into the hanging structure during the last 30 seconds, inhibiting our ability to hang. However, the points we would have earned by hanging would not have been enough for us to win even if we did hang. Is this considered “match affecting” and thus worthy of a DQ? It would have affected the final score (which in my opinion affects the match) but would not affect the final outcome.

Okay, nevermind, I spelled “match” wrong when I searched so I didn’t find this thread:

Sorry about that :rolleyes:

That’s okay! Thanks for searching the Q&A. More posters should do it!