Answered: SG7 - unintentional contact that does not prevent a hang

If a red robot were to have a thin part that makes contact with the bottom of the hanging structure on the alliance station side, but does not hinder any hanging attempts at all and would have to be intentionally pushed by the blue alliance in order to actually cause an effect on their hang attempts, would this be considered a violation of SG7 by the red team? Since the red robot has not actually caused any detriment to the blue hanging attempts and has simply made unintentional contact with the bottom of their hanging structure, would they be given a warning for SG7 instead of a disqualification? Or would this incidental contact not be considered a violation at all and go uncommented on by the referees?

For background information, it is necessary for me to note that the body of the robot is NOT in the hanging area of the blue team or even in the hanging zone at all. The majority of the robot would be at least 10 feet away from the blue hanging bar, with one small appendage actually making the unintentional contact.

If the contact did not interfere at all with a Hanging Robot or a Robot attempting to Hang, this would most likely just merit a warning (or repeated warnings).