Answered: <SG8> again

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If a Robot is herding a Large Ball during Autonomous, then it has free rein to affect as many BuckyBalls as desired that have not been moved away from their starting positions even with three BuckyBalls in possession?

Could you please reclarify for everyone what exactly is legal and not legal regarding <SG8>?

Thank you!


During the Autonomous Period, it is illegal to drive through a group of 3 BuckyBalls in a known position on the field, while already in possession of a BuckyBall. However, if you drive into a Large Ball that then contacts BuckyBalls, this would be legal, as the Robot has not directly interacted with the BuckyBalls.

The goal here is to eliminate teams that are clearly trying to intentionally control more than 3 BuckyBalls. When a team does this via a Large Ball, it becomes very difficult to be sure that this act is intentional. As such, we’re going to go with a lenient interpretation in these more ambiguous cases.

The previously posed question by “Telemascope” did not mention the Large Ball contacting the BuckyBalls, while the question by “359A” specifically referenced that situation.