Answered: <SG8> Can one alliance carry 2 SkyRise sections at the same time?

My apologies. I know that this question has already been asked and that it has already been answered, but apparently the answer has left a number of people confused as to its interpretation. I think the confusion probably stems from the fact the original question was actually two separate scenarios in one and so the answer, to some people, seems aimed at the first or the second scenario of the question.

For the original answer, see this thread:

For an example of the confusion, see the conversation lower down in this thread:

So please allow me to re-ask this question in a simpler form so that the answer is obvious to everyone.

Question: Can each robot on a single alliance carry a separate SkyRise section during a match so that, in effect, an alliance can be carrying a total of two SkyRise sections simultaneously?

Yes, this is legal. The maximum number of Skyrise Sections that a Robot can carry is one (1). There is no rule prohibiting both Robots on an Alliance from each carrying a Skyrise Section at the same time.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!

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