Answered: SG8 Clarification

<SG8> Robots are not permitted to intentionally place Sacks on an opposing robot. Violations of this rule
will result in a Disqualification.

I understand that sacks cannot be placed anywhere on the robot. I have a few questions pertaining to this for clarification.

Is this only for match loads? or anytime during the match by other robots?

My second question, if there was a goal capper, whether it be the high goal or a trough capper, would it be illegal to place a sack (from the opposing team) on top of the capping part of the mechanism? Reason being is that goals extend to the ceiling, so if placing a sack on top of a robot that has covered the trough or high goal, would that sack count?

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Just to clarify a little further, if the sack dropped on a robot that was over the goal, and the sack landed in such a place that was inside the goals extension to the ceiling, does that sack actually count as scored if that robot was over the goal by the end of the match? Or does this drop by the robot that was trying to score ONLY get protected from disqualification and the object would not be scored?

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Please note that <SG8> was updated on 05/22:

Thus, this rule applies at all times during the Match, except when a Robot is in the process of Scoring.

This would be legal, please see the above ruling.

Take a look at the second part of the following Q&A for an answer to your question:

Thank you Karthik, I saw that you posted on that thread right after I posted on this thread again.

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