Answered: <SG8> : Opposing robots and possession

<SG8> is as follows:

If a blue robot places 3 blue BuckyBalls on a red robot, such that the red robot cannot remove these BuckyBalls from itself without a large amount of effort, do these BuckyBalls count towards the limit of 3 total? (I’m asking this assuming that the blue robot did not violate any other rules in the process)



Please see the updated version <SG8> in the 05/10/13 version of the VEX Toss Up Game Manual. I’ve quoted the new version below.

Thus, the Blue Robot would be disqualified, and the additional BuckyBalls would not count towards the 3 BuckyBall limit.

That’s awesome, thanks!

(Exactly the response I wanted… :D)


You’re welcome!

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