Answered: <SG8> "Possession" further Clarification

Here is a video link from the Houston Toss up competition in the last month:

Did the red team that started at Hanging Zone clearly violate the “SG8 Possession Rule” ?


Based on what we can see on this video, it appears that during the Autonomous Period, the Robot in question was in possession of at least one BuckyBall, then proceeded to drive directly to a group of 3 BuckyBalls in a known position and then herded them across the field. Thus this action is illegal.

However, as always, we cannot issue concrete rulings based on video evidence, as videos don’t always tell the whole story. This interpretation is based on what we can see from the given angle.


I double checked video. It carried 3 bucky balls and 1 big ball before it pushed 3 bucky balls on the bumper.