Answered: SG8a - dropping bucky balls on another robot

I have read this rule several times over the past 72 hours.

SG8 a. Robots may not intentionally place BuckyBalls on an opposing Robot.

During our elimination match at the US Open, while fighting for position in the goal zone, an opposing robot placed three bucky balls on our robot. At the end of the match we challenged the ruling of the official who did not seem to be concerned about the rule. The official clearly saw the infraction, I believe he did not know about the rule and we brought the rule to his attention.

The team members from the opposing robot claimed that the balls were not “intentional” so they do not deny what occurred. My claim is that one bucky ball may not be intentional but by the time you got to the third one, the driver clearly had intent.

The rule states “Violations of this rule will result in a Disqualification.” As we know, DQs take place at the end of the match so we expected that to occur.

We believe today (as we did last weekend) that the rule was clearly broken.

Question - can an event partner choose which rules will be used and which ones will not be used at the tournament?

NOTE: Not that it matters because the rule does not specify, but the balls were of the color of the opposing robot.

This action was clearly not match affecting; the dropped BuckyBalls had zero impact on the result of the match. This type of action should never result in a disqualification. The team in question should have been issued a simple warning. From what you have described, the referees handled this situation exactly as it would have been handled at the upcoming World Championship.

As we prepare for World’s let me make two things clear.

  1. Disqualifications will not be handed out for minor offenses.
  2. Before arguing with a referee, please make sure to have reviewed <G1>. I’ve quoted it below for your convenience.

No, an event partner cannot pick and choose which rules to enforce.