Answered: <SG9> and blocking the Autoloader

Please forgive the quality of this drawing, I’m not much of an artist.

This robot is composed of three parts, a base, an extension rod, and a curtain. The base is outside the protected area, and the extension rod and curtain are outside the bounds of the field perimeter. During the expansion process a sensor is used to ensure that it doesn’t hit somebody during the expansion, and the method used to expand does not use enough force to cause any form of injury. The curtain is positioned so that when expanded the drive team of the opposing alliance is unable to place a Skyrise section in the autoloader. However, it in no way blocks the ability of a robot to access the autoloader.

The robot is not contacting the autoloader or its contents
It is outside of the protected area and thus is not touching the Skyrise base, skyrise, or any of the protected tiles
It is positioned in such a way that it will not touch a robot in the protected area
It will not touch any scoring objects in the protected area
It will not be depositing anything in the protected area

Is such a design legal?

Thank you for providing a picture. Without the image, understanding your question would have been difficult.

Blocking access to the Autoloader, whether for the Student Drive Team Member, or the Robot, is a violation of <SG9>. The intent of <SG9> is to ensure that teams have unimpeded access to build their Skyrise.

OK, that’s understandable. Thanks for the quick reply!