Answered: <sg9> and intakes

Hello, i had a question regarding <sg9>,

Specifically regarding hoarding, if you were to make a concave portion of your robot specifically to allow cones to be shuffled to your intake, would this be in violation of <sg9>, if the intake were not meant to hoard, only allow your robot to grab cones from a larger area, i’ve attached a sketch of what i mean if it makes any difference.

i was concerning mostly weather this would be in violation of possession as well, as you would be controlling the movement of cones, however you are pushing/plowing, so if we could get a bit clearer language/ruling on this it would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance as always karthik :slight_smile:
Drawing (5).png

Having concave portions on your Robot is not illegal. However once you’ve used concave portions of your Robot to control the movement of Cones at the same time, you will have violated <SG9>.

You’re welcome!