Answered: <SG9> and Unlisted Violations

In this Q&A, you stated that the list of illegal actions in <SG9> were meant as examples and not a complete list of actions which would violate <SG9>. At a recent tournament I saw something that, while not a violation of a-f, seemed like it might have violated <SG9>

A blue robot was attempting to build a Skyrise section when a red robot hit it, causing the blue robot to drop its Skyrise section. At the time of contact the blue robot was not completely in the blue protected area per <SG9d>, the blue robot was not touching the Skyrise so it was not indirect contact per <SG9b>, and the red robot never entered the protected area per <SG9c>. However, they definitely interfered with the opposing alliance’s building of a Skyrise section. Were the actions of the red robot in violation of <SG9>?

No, the red Robot was not in violation of <SG9>. Robots are allowed to contact opponent robots that are carrying Skyrise Sections, provided none of the specific clauses of <SG9> are violated.

OK, thanks for the clarification

You’re welcome.

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