Answered: SG9 clarification - cones trapped in robot

In competitions, I have seen that some loader robots sometimes fail to place the cone on the mobile goal, the cone falls and gets trapped between the carried mobile goal and the robot. In most cases, I see loaders to continue completing the loader.

According to rule SG9:
Robots may not Possess more than one (1) Cone at a time.
Note: The intent of this rule is not to punish Robots for pushing Cones that are in their way; that is, Robots are free to incidentally drive through Cones on the field while Possessing a Cone. However, Teams are not allowed to employ Cone hoarding strategies. Cone “hoarding” refers to the act of intentionally plowing multiple Cones to a specific location of the field, even with a flat/convex portion of a Robot, such that they are kept away from the opposing Alliance.

In this case, would the cone been carried within the robot counts as a possessed cone? Do loaders have to stop loading cones and remove the extra cone before continuing?

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