Answered: <SG9> Clarification: Hanging Bar

As per <SG9>, teams aren’t allowed to grapple any field element. My question revolves around the hanging bar, where the rule says:

The rule later goes on to say

My interpretation of this rule is that if a robot is attempting to climb the hanging structure, then the rules about grasping/grappling/etc. do not apply so much (unless they were damaging the field). However, if a team latches on to the hanging bar in order to latch themselves to the field, this would be illegal. Is this interpretation correct, or am I mistaking this?

Thanks in advance.

Your interpretation is completely incorrect.

As clearly stated in <SG9>, attaching to the Hanging Bar is legal. Attaching to the Hanging Structure is very illegal.

I’ve quoted the definitions of the Hanging Bar and Hanging Structure below, for your clarification.

Oops, my bad. Forgot about the difference between hanging bar and hanging structure :o

Thanks for clearing that up!

You’re welcome!

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