Answered<SG9> Clarification on stopping a robot from getting to their protected area.

Hi Karthik,

<SG9> prohibits a robot from “interfering” with an opponents Skyrise building.

If a robot A were to leave its protected area before the Skyrise is completed 7 high (to get cubes, or score cubes on wall posts for example), would it be legal for an opposition Robot B to get in the way and stop Robot A from returning to the protected area and finish the build assuming no pinning or trapping rules were violated in the process? This could be done by Robot B driving between Robot A and Robot A’s protected zone for example.

Would this be considered interfering with the building of the Skyrise, or just considered legal defensive play?

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This would not be considered a violation of <SG9>, it would be considered legal defensive play.

Thanks Karthik!

I appreciate the speedy reply :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!