Answered: <SG9> Clauses with Fully Built Skyrise

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<SG9> quoted for convenience:

In this thread you were asked:

To which you replied:

You were then asked to clarify about defensive play once the skyrise was fully built, and you stated:

My question is, which of the clauses under <SG9> are ignored once the skyrise is fully built? Your first response seemed to indicate that every clause (or at least most of them?) would be ignored, but doing anything that would cause any amount of the skyrise to be negated would be illegal. However, your clarification about defensive play seems to contradict the first, saying that you can play defense until you violate any of the clauses under <SG9> (which would include your example of being allowed to touch the empty skyrise loader).

For example, if the blue skyrise is fully built, would a red robot have to ensure it did not touch any of blue’s protected tiles, or a blue robot touching blue’s protected tiles and no other tiles, or any of blue’s skyrise sections, or their base, or the bottom cube on the skyrise if it happens to be touching a protected tile and no other tiles, while the red robot descores cubes from the blue skyrise? (Or it may also have to make sure that the cubes it touches never come in contact with the skyrise itself, as that would be indirect touching and in violation of the very last sentence of <SG9>.)

Or could the red robot freely descore any blue cubes from the fully built blue skyrise, given that it does not negate any points scored by the blue skyrise sections?

Additionally, could a red robot place red cubes on a fully built blue skyrise? And which <SG9> clauses would it have to obey?

Finally, could a red robot score red skyrise sections on a fully built blue skyrise? And again, which <SG9> clauses would it have to obey?

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None of them. However, some of the clauses become impossible to be Match affecting once the Skyrise is fully built, such as <SG9a>.

This is not legal.

This is not legal.

  1. Skyrise Sections are yellow.
  2. Robots are never permitted to Build Skyrise Sections on their opponent’s Skyrise.