Answered: SG9 - hanging from the wall

Couple of clarifications on hanging please…

  1. We have been discussing the use of the field perimeter to aid in hanging at the end of the match. We have an arm with makes contact with the top of the perimeter wall and we have standoffs on the arm which make contact with the outside of the field perimeter (slightly). In the process of hanging, sometimes the wheels of the robot make contact with the inside of the perimeter wall. Would this constitute a violation of SG9? Would a photo of the robot in action help?

  2. If, with a similar arm, we are in contact with the top of the perimeter wall and two sides of the hanging structure would that be a violation of SG9? Would a photo help? NOTE: We would only be in contact with 2 sides of a single element at one time. NOTE: As you can imagine, we are trying to use the corner of the Hanging structure and the outside wall as an anchor point without actually grasping, grappling, or attaching to them.

Sorry if this has already been answered, the search for SG9 did not return many threads.

As always, it’s hard to make blanket statements based upon partial snapshots like the one above. From what you’ve described, I can see situations where it might be a violation of <SG9>, however depending on the geometry, I see other situations where it wouldn’t be. A photo would be helpful if you’d like additional clarification.

Same answer as above applies, although this method sounds much closer to the side of being a violation.