Answered: SG9 Hoarding Clarification

Hello, I was wondering if you are allowed to hoard cones by either picking them up one at a time and placing them into a protected zone/away from the other team or throwing them into a protected zone/away from the other team. While reading the rulebook I saw that under <SG9> it says “teams are not allowed to employ cone hoarding strategies.” However, the rulebook goes on to define “cone hoarding strategies” as an “act of intentionally plowing multiple cones to a specific location of the field.” Does this mean that cone hoarding is legal as long as it’s done one at a time or is hoarding cone hoarding, in all cases and forms, not allowed in this year’s game?

Thank you.

As you quoted, the key portion of SG9 that pertains to this question is as follows:

Moving a single Cone at a time is considered legal Possession, and would not be considered a “hoarding” violation of SG9. (provided, of course, that no other rules are violated in the process)