Answered: <SG9> SkyRise building and being slightly off the colored tile

Imagine a Red robot is busy building its SkyRise. It has its two front wheels on its Red tile (its protected zone) but its two back wheels are setting atop the grey tile outside its protected zone.

Can a Blue robot roll up to the Red robot and push against the back of the Red robot and thus interfere with the Red robot’s SkyRise building?

Rule <SG9> states “Robots may not interfere with an opposing Alliance’s Building of Skyrise Sections in any way…”

And <SG9> part d tells us the following is illegal: “…Contacting an opponent’s Robot that is contacting the foam field tiles mentioned in c) and not contacting any other foam field tiles…” (My italics)

Based on the above, I might think the Red robot can be interfered with because it is contacting “other foam field tiles”.

However, in the following thread concerning a tethered robot:
I got the impression that despite the fact the attacking robot could interfere with the tethered part of the robot, the part of the robot building the SkyRise was still safe from interference.

So I’m confused. Would a robot that is only partially touching its safe zone still be protected under <SG9> or could an opponent “attack” whatever part of the robot might be setting outside its protected zone when it’s building its SkyRise?


By rule Robots may technically contact an opposing Robot that only partially contacting protected area, but in the process cannot contact protected tiles or interfere (directly or indirectly) with the Skyrise or Skyrise Building process. So, yes contact outside this zone is legal, BUT you subject yourself to increased scrutiny in the process in given this scenario.

Moral of the story, stay away from your opponent when they’re Building a Skryise.

Ah, so I sense there’s a little referee wiggle room being provided. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome!

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