Answered: Shaft Collars

We are able to purchase shaft collars from a local hobby store. These collars perform exactly the same function as the ones available from VEX and offer no mechanical advantage to the VEX ones. They do have a slightly smaller Outer Diameter but all other dimensions are the same (as far as we can measure). Can we consider these to be competition legal Collars?

No, if the outer diameter is measurably different than these collars are NOT identical to the VEX collars and are illegal per <R5>.

The reason for the rule being written this way is to provide a clear line for all teams, and to make it easy on inspectors at events. If we said “functionally identical” to VEX parts, then there would be additional confusion for teams (I can only imagine the large influx of Q&A questions asking if “so and so is functionally identical to this and that”). It would also force inspectors to make additional judgment calls.