Answered: Shrink Tubing

The rules specify that certain non vex materials may be uses as long as they are available to all participants. Is it permissible to secure servo lead extensions using shrink tubing?

Actually… the rules do not say that.

Rule <R5> states:

Rule <R7> then goes on to list some of these exceptions:

No where in <R7> does it say “things commonly available to all teams are legal.”
No where in <R7> does it mention “shrink tubing” as being legal.

Therefore… heat shrink tubing is NOT legal for use.

Thanks, it might have helped if I read the rules closer.

1)What about non-vex zip ties? R6 says its ok if they’re identical, but what if they’re slightly larger?
2) Is a small amount of CA or other adhesive allowed?

You are correct, reading the rules closely is very helpful.

  1. Identical - Yes.
    Larger - No.

  2. No. (See <R15b>)

Thanks, and I take it that it would also be illegal to reverse the polarity of a motor on the circuit board, even though the only performance difference would be its natural rotation is reversed?

Rule <R15a> says…

Got it. Thanks.