Answered: Signal Splitter Failed

I just found that one of my Vex 75 MHz Signal Splitters has failed. It does not run the motors and the green light does not come on when power is applied. I believe I have had the item for about 6 months so this is not a warranty issue. However I am wondering if others have had the same problem. Use has been very light, mostly at a couple of shows. I do have a spare on hand and it is working fine in the same location as the item that failed. Thanks.


Power failures are quire rare on the Signal Splitters.
Unfortunately the minimum repair fee for our of warranty products is $50.
This means it will be cheaper to simply purchase a new unit.

If I had this unit, the first thing I would check is the power connector. make sure it mates appropriately with the battery.
Since the unit is out of warranty, feel free to remove the case and look for damaged components.