Answered: Sizing Method Question

My question has to do with the first part of <R4>.

a. During inspections, robots will be measured in one of two ways
i. Robots will be placed into a “sizing box” which has interior dimensions matching the above size constraints. To pass inspection, a robot must fit within the box without touching the box walls or ceiling.
ii. Robots will be sized using a VRC Robot Sizing Tool. Robots will be placed on the baseplate and must not touch the measurement slide as it is passed over the base plate.

If an inspector at an event is using a “sizing box” in place of a VRC Robot Sizing Tool, does a team have the right to request the use of the VRC Robot Sizing Tool in place of the “sizing box” for purposes of completing inspection or is this decision purely the domain of the inspector/event partner?

The choice of sizing device is solely up to the Event Partner and the volunteer inspectors.

Thank you very much!

You’re welcome!

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