Answered: Skills challenge clarification

This past weekend we were at a tournament and my team did the programming skills challenge. Although their program did not work as well as they had hoped, they were able to score a couple of cubes. My question is that at the tournament they had cubes placed in all the starting tiles. We started on blue, placed our cube against our robot, drove out turned around and pushed to cubes on the starting tile, one blue and one red. So now on the tile we started on we have 2 blue and 1 red cube. The other 3 starting tiles are just as they were when we started, with one cube on each tile. So at the end we have a total of 6 cubes on the starting tiles. Originally, the scorekeeper saifd that all the cubes would be scored for us. So that would be 6, Now on the stats page we only have 4. and the other two teams would tried the programming skills challenge have also lost 2 points. what is the proper way that the challenge should be set up and scored. An ddo either color of cubes belong to us during the skills challenge?

If you had six Cubes touching the Alliance Starting Tiles, you should have received six points. In the Skills Challenges all Cubes are considered to be the same colour.