Answered: Skills Challenge - Doubler Barrel Position

Where can the doubler barrel be placed for the two skills challenges?

  1. Can they be in any of the 4 starting tiles? If so, can both doublers start on the same tile?
  2. Can be the doubler be anywhere in its starting tile? If so, does the entire barrel have to contact the foam tile, or only part of the barrel?
  3. Can the barrel start in any orientation, (on its side).


  1. No, they must start in the tiles designated in Appendices B & C of the VEX Gateway Game Manual. (One Doubler Barrel in each Isolation Zone Alliance Starting Tile)

  2. They must start in the center of the Alliance Starting Tile, as shown in the diagrams in Appendices B & C.

  3. The Doubler Barrels must start in an upright position, as shown in the diagrams in Appendices B & C.

Ahh, so the diagram’s illustration of the doubler is it’s officially set up. Thanks for the clarification!

You’re welcome!