Answered: Skills challenge playing field difference - rational?

In both the robot skills and programming skills challenge documents for VRC in the description section it states

but then later states

Looking back this seems unusual compared to previous seasons. Could you please explain the rational behind limiting the number of Skyrise Sections in VRC?

In VEX-U teams are given 14 sections for skills challenges. Okay so they have 2 robots and all but I see no reason to eliminate game elements from the VRC challenges!

Q: Would the GDC please reconsider their limitation on Skyrise Sections for VRC skills challenges? How about we create a poll for teams to voice their opinions?


There were multiple reasons for this limitation, the major two being:

  • Ensuring teams did more than just Building Skyrises in the Skills Challenge
  • Not wanting to have Student Driveteam members moving to the other side of the field to load Skyrise Sections

Okay thank you for shedding some light on this. I can see just building Skyrises in Robot Skills being an issue but Programming Skills not so much.

You’re welcome.

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