Answered: Skills Challenges: Driver Control Loads

I was looking over Appendices B and C (robot and programming skills, respectively), and I noticed that the preloads from the main game have been consolidated onto one side as your skills preloads. Both Appendix B and Appendix C clearly state that:

One of these rules is <SG4>, which states that preloads not used will count as if they are in our enemies Far Zone:

and amend that slightly by removing the requirement of the last thirty seconds of the match.

Note: The game manual only mentions “requiring” teams to enter Driver Control Loads in the last thirty seconds of the match, however, the general consensus on the forums and at the HRZ Competition indicates that teams will be penalized as if they were in the Far Zone.

Since all Manual rules apply to Skills Challenges unless otherwise noted, and the consensus of the manual agrees that teams will be penalized for not using their Driver Control Loads, should teams be fully penalized for not using their skills loads? If so, this seems counterintuitive to the nature of the skills runs, where you try to score as many points as possible, and having to deal with the penalty could lead to skills challenges which consist of only removing skills loads. If my interpretation is not correct, however, then doesn’t that create a contradiction in the rules which state the all rules from the main manual still apply, and how (or when) would you go about fixing that (Penalizing teams until they complete some action seems like a violation of <G1>)

Thanks for the clarification!

Teams do not have to use all the Skills Loads in the Skills Challenges.