Answered: Skills Challenges - Pre-Load and Match-Load Quantities

We actually know the answer to the question, as we feel they are quite clear in the rules. We are asking because it seems to be a surprisingly common misconception among some teams (including members of our own team at one time). Having them answered directly here will provide a useful point of clarification for us to pass along, and to protect the integrity of teams qualifying for the World Championship via Skills Challenges.

The question relates to the following definitions in both the Robot and Programming Skills Challenge rules:

Sequence of events:
*]A Skills Challenge participant begins in a Red Starting Alliance Tile
*]They human load and score 5 sacks for Match Loads on the Red Alliance side
*]The robot crosses over to the Blue side of the field and drives into a Blue Alliance Starting Tile
*]The participant claims they can now Match Load an additional 5 sacks because they are “on both the Red and Blue alliance” during the Skills Challenge, and should have access to a 2nd set of Match Loads on the Blue Alliance side

Does a Skills Challenge participant have access to two (2) sets of Match-Loads, a set for each of the Red and Blue alliance sides of the field?

Your interpretation is 100% correct. Teams only have access to one (1) set of Match-Loads during a given Skills Challenge run.