Answered: Skills robot starting position in relation to driver

Hi Karthik,

In Skyrise, where loading from both sides was allowed in VEXU (link) drivers were required to stay in the Alliance Station closest to where the robot started, this was not specified in the VEXU game manual. This is a similar situation in Nothing But Net with driver control loading from both sides of the field during a skills run.

  1. In Nothing But Net (both VRC and VEXU), does the driver have to start at the alliance station next to his/her robot?

  2. In Nothing But Ne (both VRC and VEXU), given a long Ethernet cable to the alliance splitter, is a driver allowed to move between the two alliance stations during a skills run?

No, the Drive Team Members can start in either Alliance Station.

Yes, this is legal, provided that all teams have access to the same long ethernet cable throughout the event. However, this must be done in a safe manner. If the event determines that the long cable coupled with the movement of the Driver is creating a tripping hazard, they may disallow the long cable.

Basically, we don’t want someone tripping over a cable and wiping out during a Skills run.