Answered: Skills Run Question

In the skills appendix, it states the following in these situations:

In the skills appendix, there’s no rules which state that only one team can be in a skills run, which automatically references to “The Game” for the limit of how many teams can compete in a match, which is four or less. In the skills run, it also states:

Which states:

The only thing that is close to one team being allowed to compete in a skills run is in the game manual, which states:

This says that only one robot is allowed to compete per team, but the skills appendix doesn’t refer to how many teams can attend a skills run.
So according to the skills appendix, two to four teams can compete in a skills run, and they would be able to share the score of the run between each other, as well as +2 points for each parked robot that competed in that skills run.
Probably this is incidental, and should be fixed immediately before (a) new team(s) get the wrong idea.

Although this is a loophole that should probably be fixed for the skills appendix, I think this would be pretty cool idea if we can also have such thing as “Teamwork Skills” and "Teamwork Skills Competitions. "It’d be pretty awesome to see two or more teams come together, plan driving skills together, plan programming skills together, and try to achieve a highest score in “Teamwork World Skills Ranking.”

The intent of the Robot Skills Challenge is, and has always been, for one Team (with one Robot) to showcase their skill on the playing field by themselves. This is implied in the Skills Appendix by using phrases like “the Robot” instead of “Robots”, “Teams” instead of “Alliances”, the fact that Tournament Manager does not support multi-team scores for Skills Challenges, the fact that the Global Skills Rankings are listed per Team, etc.

That said, thank you for pointing out that it is not explicitly stated; we will be sure to fix this in future versions of the manual. To be clear: There can only be one (1) Robot on the field for a Robot Skills Match. Using more than one (1) Robot, or one (1) Team, for either type of Robot Skills Match is expressly prohibited.