Answered: Skills scores for ringmaster

I had a question about the skills scoring. This year, there is a different score for autonomous and driving scores. Is the total score the best of each, or does the autonomous score and driving score have to be from the same tournament? Thank you

It sounds like you are referring to the World Skills Standings, found on this page:

As described on that page:

The column labeled “Score” represents the highest Robot Skills score posted to date, and is used to rank teams.

The columns labeled “Programming Skills” and “Driver Skills” represent the individual scores that comprise the teams highest Robot Skills score.

The columns labeled “Highest Programming Skills” and “Highest Driver Skills” represent the highest individual scores in each category, these are used as tie-breakers per the official game manual.

The Robot Skills score (in the first column, that is used to rank teams) is the combination of a Programming Skills score and a Driver Skills score from the same tournament. If a team posts a higher score in one of the categories at a later tournament, but without increasing their combined score, it is displayed in the “Highest” columns and used to break ties.

Hopefully this is clear - if this doesn’t answer your question, please feel free to rephrase and resubmit.