Answered: Skills world rankings: incorrect category and missing scores

I had it pointed out by a host of teams from our region that there are many skills scores that shown up on the specific robot events, but have not been included in the world rankings.

There are also several scores in the top in the programming area that are actually robot skills scores and you can see this by checking the scores on robot events results for that tournament.

As these are possible world qualification spots, is there an official place for teams to respectfully point these mistakes out? Do we need another rule here?

If you notice that your team’s Skills scores are not showing the Global Rankings, you’ll need to contact the Event Partner for the event in question. Most likely the Event Partner has not finalized their results through Tournament Manager, thus they are only showing on the live updates page, but not the Global Rankings. (Scores do not enter the Global Rankings until the event is completed, and the event uploads and finalizes their results via Tournament Manager)

If you notice that scores were recorded incorrectly, please contact the Event Partner who can then correct the scores and re-upload them. You could also contact your RECF representative if you need assistance.

Thanks Karthik for the quick reply

You’re welcome!

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