Answered: Skyrise Game Manual Updates

Hi Karthik,

Do you have a schedule or information as to when the Game Manual gets updated? I know there is an update on June 2, but are there any updates afterwards? If there are, will there be a post or document saying which pages are changed?

The reason I ask is that I want to make printed copies of the manual, but don’t want to waste paper on a game manual that will change and needs to be reprinted.


We ask you to please thoroughly read the VEX Skyrise Game Manual and to please review the Q&A Usage Guidelines before posting in this forum. Specifically, please quote the rule or definition that your question is referring to.

Rule <G18> answers your specific question.

All Manual Updates will be document in a post in these forums.

I completely missed that rule. Sorry about that.

I had read the whole manual already, but I think I’ll check through it again to see what else I missed. :slight_smile:

That’s okay! It never hurts to read the manual again!