Answered: Skyrise Section Carry

The rules state that only one Skyrise Section may be “carried” at a time which is disappointing since my team came up with a great design to build the entire Skyrise tower aboard the robot and then move it to the base which would seem to constitute a multiple section carry. It also seems it may not matter if the robot was only in contact with one of the seven sections as it moved across the field. Correct?
Would it still be considered a multiple skyrise section carry if the robot remained in one position over the skyrise base while it assembles the tower and then “plants” the completed tower by lowering it into position? The individual sections would be carried one at a time by a transfering mechanism to the assembling mechanism which simply holds the stack above the base until complete.
Theoretically, the tower could be built from the bottom up or from the top down. Seems a shame to eliminate one whole engineering possibility.

Yes, this is correct. I’ve quoted the definition of Carry below.

Thus, as long as you’re controlling its motion, whether with direct or indirect contact, you would be Carrying the Skyrise Sections.

Yes, this would still be a violation of <SG8>, carrying more than one Skyrise Section at once.

The intent of this rule is to ensure the Skyrise Sections are placed one at a time into Skyrises, and that teams are unable to hoard Skyrise Sections in their robots.