Answered: Skyrise section control/ dropped sections

If while an opponent robot is legally in their own starting tile area, and somehow knocks over their own Skyrise section, or drops a Skyrise section, can you take the Skyrise section? Keep in mind none of the above rules are violated (the object is not on the starting tiles, your robot doesn’t enter the starting tiles, etc…).

Firstly, does the ruling change if the robot tries to regain control of the object?

Second, Does this count as “interfering with their Skyrise building?”

Third, If your robot does gain control of the Skyrise section, and the robot mentioned previously comes to take the Skyrise section back, does that count as “interfering with your Skyrise building?”

Last, if all the above is allowed, could you put the Skyrise section on your own skyrise, and have eight in your stack?

I might have missed something in the manual, but I don’t see any specific rules against these actions, except: “Robots may not interfere with an opposing Alliance’s Building of Skyrise Sections in any way.”

Yes, provided that no rules are violated, especially the listed clauses of <SG9>, this is a legal strategy. There are no specific rules preventing teams from picking up and Building stray Skyrise Sections that are outside the protected tiles.

Thank you Karthik.

So in theory, if the opponent alliance drops all of their skyrise sections, one alliance could have a 14 Skyrise section tall Skyrise.

You’re welcome.

Yes, this is possible in theory.

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Thanks Karthik.:slight_smile: