Answered: solenoid driver question

hi, i was wondering if the solenoid driver ONLY controls the vex kit of pnuematics, or if it could control another such as an “SMC SY3320-5MZ-M5”. they look very similar, specifically the connections. if you could tell me if it would work, that would great. thanks.

The Solenoid Driver was only designed for use with the VEX Pneumatic Kits. The Driver may work with non-VEX parts but unfortunately we can not research those other applications.

Thanks, can you tell me the brand and model number of the solenoid you are using with the vex kit?

Both of the Solenoids we use with the VEX Pneumatics Kits are provided by SMC Pneumatics. The Single acting Solenoid is part number SY113-SMO-PM3-F. The Double Acting Solenoid is SYJ3120-SMO-M3-F.